Tennessee Coil Spring & Stamping Company
Manufacturer's of Precision Mechanical Springs, Wire Forms, and Metal Stampings
What sets us apart from the competition?
We can ease the minds of our customers purchasing agents, engineers, and employees by providing reliable service,
quality parts (manufactured on high quality equipment), and keeping inventory on those parts to ensure prompt
deliveries, thus allowing more time for our customers to work and focus on other projects.

Customer satisfaction will be achieved by manufacturing the parts ourselves, at our facility, with a “hands-on”
approach to ensure the quality and performance of our customers’ parts. We meet and strive to exceed all industry
standards to give our customers piece of mind.

We are knowledgeable about the different types of springs, metal stampings, wireforms, and related products and how
they are made and used. There are different materials, shapes, sizes, functions, and characteristics involved in designing
quality parts to perform at and exceed customer standards.

Through networking with other industry related affiliates we can purchase component parts and fasteners for our
customers products and assemble/package/stock the parts in house to ease the burden on machines, operators, and
purchasing agents. This allows the customer to focus on more productive uses for floor space, machine operators, etc.

We have provided Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike with quality products, design consultation, on-
time delivery, and reliable service for over 20 years.  Through expanding our capabilities and evolving with our
customers needs, we can extend our services for years to come.